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If you ever wonder what that static is in the background of your music it’s probably because your studio isn’t sound proof or insulated. However, sound proofing your studio doesn’t make up for a poorly mixed audio.

Sound Proofing/Why It Is Important

Outside and Inside sounds can leave static or disturbing sounds in the background of your music. Noise reduction will increase your sound range. Increasing your sound range means you don’t have to turn up the volume to hear small voice effects in the background of your music. Sound proofing your studio is good if you have neighbors. It keeps the sound trapped inside so you will not have to worry about disturbing the peace.

Facts/What is Sound

Sound comes from vibrations. A wave moves and transports energy from one place to another through a medium. Particles then begin to vibrate creating sound. In order for sound to travel it needs a medium. For example, when a bell rings it vibrates, and when you whistle you’re sending vibrations through the air, and the vibrations create sound. Sound can travel through liquids, solids, and gases. This mean sound can travel trough your wall.

Insulation/Blocking Out Sound

If you want quality music then you will have to block out any unwanted background noise. The quality of your music will suffer due to the fact that background noise is present. If you are recording at home then the room that you are recording in should be insulated. If you want to block out the sound, turn off any electronic devices, air conditioners, tv’s, and anything that will contribute towards unwanted noise. Your microphone should be 7ft away from your computer. Close all windows and doors while recording to block out sound. Your closet is a great space to place your mic in and record. If your closet has a door then you can close the door and this will help block out sound as well. A microphone stand will help reduce vibrations. If you hold your mic then it will pick up movements and cause background noise. A pop filter for your mic will reduce noise and spit from entering your mic. Turn your recording levels high to mask any other unwanted background noise, but if you turn your recording levels to high it will alter the sound of your music.

Acoustics/Egg Crate Foam Pads

Regular acoustic foam pads will not soundproof your recording studio. Foam Pads merely absorb the sound around you. The egg crate foam pads is the best way to go. Egg Crate Foam Pads mute background noise and reduces unwanted echo sounds. Keep in my that not all egg crate foam pads are the same.

Better Quality Music

If you want better quality music then you should soundproof your studio. The main purpose for soundproofing your recording studio is to reduce background noise. You want to be able to hear what you have recorded clearly. A good beat and some good lyrics can be a hit song as long as your quality is good. Professional recording booths are already built sound proof and you can have the same quality music by soundproofing your recording booth.

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